Startup Checkpoint

Event date: 
Saturday, February 17, 2018 (All day)

Startup Checkpoint Overview

Startup checkpoint is a weekend bootcamp for current and prospective technology entrepreneurs. Startup Checkpoint is sponsored by Tech Yukon, (co)space and the Yukon Government Department of Economic Development. If you have an idea or a product you would like to turn into a successful business, this weekend will provide you with a set of tools and techniques to:


1) Determine if your product is right for your target customer and market

2) Estimate the commercial potential for your business

3) Evaluate competitors and substitutes for your solution

4) Create a strategy that charts a flexible path for your business

5) Build a financial plan to understand the resources you will require

6) Summarize your work in a pitch document, and practice delivering your pitch


Startup Checkpoint utilizes Lean Startup, a proven methodology for building successful products that is used by almost every successful innovation business. Startup Checkpoint will help you evaluate if your idea or product makes sense as a business, and will guide you through building the assets necessary to develop your concept. If you are planning to apply for funding or raise money, this weekend will help you develop the assets you will need to speak with potential funders and investors.


Startup Checkpoint is a highly interactive and intensive weekend facilitated for you by Bernd Petak, an experienced Vancouver-based multi-time entrepreneur and investor as well as some of Yukon’s most successful and innovative company founders. Startup Checkpoint is available only once per year, this year on:


Saturday, February 17 and 18, 2018


Note that Startup Checkpoint is structured to benefit innovative product businesses. If you are contemplating a service business that sells consulting or other hourly goods, this program is not appropriate for you.