We are a forward-thinking association of technology-driven Yukon companies

TechYukon represents several local IT businesses based in the Yukon with expertise in various areas to service your needs. Scroll down to learn more.


The Apple Specialists for the North providing Apple Authorized Service, Support and Sales for Macintosh Computers, iPhones and iPads since 1999.

Service Focus:
IT Sales| Hardware & Software Solutions

Our success as an IT services and solutions provider is rooted in our ability to understand our clients intuitively, and their business needs.

We take it further by synthesizing very detailed information into opportunities to improve technology deployment, information technology policies and procedures, project management, IT governance, and application development process.

Addtional Services include:

  • Project Coordination and analysis
  • Digital Transformation and Solutions Development
  • Privacy Impact Assessment
  • Security Threat and Risk Assessment
  • Change management
  • Information Management and Privacy Consulting
Service Focus:
Project Management| Business Analysis| Business Intelligence & Analytics| Database Development/Administration| Hardware & Software Solutions| IT Consulting| Managed IT Services and Support| Security| Software Development| Systems Integration| Tech Startup| Web Applications| Web Development

Social and economic research, feasibility studies, financial analysis, business plans, market studies, forecasting, planning, program evaluation, policy and program development to private sector, non-profit and government clients across Canada since 1993.

Expertise in economic impact analysis, life-cycle costing, cost-benefit analysis, economic forecasting, environmental impact, economic development, labour markets, demographics and population projections, survey design and data analysis.

Experience in forensic economics, housing, commercial construction, energy, aviation, transportation, tourism, agriculture, fisheries, information technology, cultural industries.

Service Focus:
Business Intelligence & Analytics| Business Analysis

We’re an e-learning firm that’s been working on both e-learning content and software since 2004.

We’re building the Apprendo learning platform to help instructors, companies and developers around the world to create sustainable training and engaging content quickly and easily.

Service Focus:
Software Development| Hardware & Software Solutions| Tech Startup

Tangerine Technology has over 30 years of professional experience with technology in the North & across western Canada. We are ready to support you, whatever your needs are!

We believe that technology should work for you, by increasing your productivity and efficiency.

Our expertise in cyber-security, regulatory compliance and scheduled auditing has taken our highly trained, expertly skilled professionals across western Canada and beyond. Tangerine Technology offers unparalleled qualified, dedicated and certified service for those industries that require this level of scrutiny.

We design & deploy custom solutions, from computer networks with servers to internal phone systems to custom web applications.


Service Focus:
Security| Networking Solutions| Telecommunications & Infrastructure| Hardware & Software Solutions| Web Applications| Data Synchronization| Database Development/Administration| IT Sales| IT Consulting| Managed IT Services and Support| Mobile App Development| Online Advertising/ Marketing| Project Management| Software Development| Technical Products| Web Development

Ice Fog Analytics, based in Whitehorse, Yukon, specializes in ensuring our customers make the best use of the data they collect. We have the experience and tools to help your organization improve operations and set you on a course for success.

Service Focus:
Business Intelligence & Analytics| Data Synchronization| Database Development/Administration| Web Applications| Web Development| Data Analysis

At Aynils, we help small businesses and organizations leverage technology to achieve their goals. We believe in delivering products that are built for the people using them, instead of asking people to change for the products.

We founded Aynils in an aim to translate business needs into technical solutions for organizations that do not always have the time or specific skills to do these processes internally.

Our services include:

Database Management: We define and optimize the storage for your critical information (customer contacts, employees, time tracking, expenses, etc.), e.g., data access definition or local versus cloud data storage implementation.

Chatbots: We automate the dialogue for repetitive questions, giving instant responses to your customers while allowing your teams to focus on more complex requests, e.g., questions about your business hours or your service offerings.

Data Synchronization: We optimize or create flows between your different data sources (Google Drive, Spreadsheets, CRM, Mailchimp, Slack, etc.) to remove the hassle of keeping all these sources up to date, e.g., contact synchronization between an Excel spreadsheet and your Mailchimp distribution list.

Business Analysis and Consultancy: We analyze your operational needs and elicit the precise requirements for new IT services. We conduct a research of the market and help you choose the best provider, e.g., requirement definition and provider selection to build a new website or functionality analysis and selection of bookkeeping software.

Project Management: We coordinate with the stakeholders and provide regular reports to ensure that every step of the new service delivery is under control.

Web Applications: We develop customized web applications to address your precise business needs, e.g., volunteer management platform creation or custom time-tracking app development.

Service Focus:
Mobile App Development| Database Development/Administration| Data Synchronization| Project Management| Web Applications

With our long magical winters, it was only natural that our first product would be for cross country skiing. In 2017, we released the Proskida Grip, the world's first power meter for cross country skiing, now in use by the world’s top national ski teams.

Since then, we’ve expanded to making Protern.io software that helps athletes improve faster in gravity sports, such as alpine ski racing, and endurance sports.

We collaborate with Olympic level coaches, world champion athletes and renowned sport scientists. You can find us on glaciers, running tracks, world cup ski trails, or at international sporting events, learning from our customers

Service Focus:
Technical Products| Tech Startup

Provides enterprise software development for corporate clients and start-ups, IT consulting and managed services for Corporate clients. Service area is western North America.

Service Focus:
Software Development| IT Consulting| Managed IT Services and Support| Web Development

Northwestel connects the North through innovation by supporting the development of advanced communications and entertainment solutions that reach further and provide better service for its customers.

It serves over 121,000 people in 96 communities—46 of which are only accessible by air. It’s a vast and diverse audience. 70% of these communities have less than 500 people, while 40% of all our customers live in Whitehorse, Yellowknife and Iqaluit—the engines of business and government in the North.

Service Focus:
Telecommunications & Infrastructure| IT Sales

An IT consultancy startup providing IT related solutions to individuals and small businesses.

Services include, but are not limited to: Troubleshooting, repairs, installations and new system setups with unique solutions that are customized according to one's needs.

Service Focus:
Hardware & Software Solutions| IT Sales| IT Consulting| Networking Solutions| Tech Startup| Technical Products

Air North, Yukon’s Airline was founded in 1977 by Joe Sparling and Tom Wood as a charter and training service for the north, offering charters to the mining industry along with flight training services.

Ever since, Air North has been a pioneer of technology in the aviation sector in Yukon. Building network applications from the ground up to support numerous internal applications, modernizing this network to include virtualization and fiber lines between Whitehorse check-in and on-premise servers, procuring and managing a comprehensive reservation system internally are a few of several technological initiatives pursued over time to make affordable travel possible to Yukoners and Yukon accessible to visitors alike. With Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation’s 49% ownership of the company, Air North is a proud fully Yukon owned business that has recently won accolades as the Best Specialty and Leisure 2019, North America by TripAdvisor.

Service Focus:

Manufacturer of precision borehole survey technologies for use in geotechnical, mining and oil & energy industries, since 1991. Yukon’s Icefield Tools gyroscopic steering technology is breaking into the global oil and gas drilling market.

Our industry tested and certified tools are being used for major drilling operations internationally. Our world class team delivers their high-quality products but enjoy the Yukon lifestyle.

Service Focus:
Technical Products| Engineering Services

Strategic Moves is an insight-driven independent consultancy that operates at the crossroads of research, strategy and marketing was founded by Inga Petri in 2007. Since 2015, Strategic Moves operates its national practice from Whitehorse, Yukon.

Inga co-chairs the Digital Innovation Council for the Performing Arts founded in 2016 under the auspices of the Canadian Arts Presenting Assocation (CAPACOA). She co-wrote Digitizing the Performing Arts: An Assessment of Opportunities, Issues and Challenges published in April 2017. She leads or is involved in several projects that explore digital transformation in arts and culture, including Making Tomorrow Better: Taking Digital Action in the Performing Arts, a national digital literacy project, and ThePitch.ca: Online Showcase for the Performing Arts.

Service Focus:
Business Intelligence & Analytics| Business Analysis

Outpost 31 is a full service Media and Entertainment Company based in Whitehorse, Yukon. We’re focused on creating dynamic Film, TV, and Digital Media content that engages and captivates audiences.

With over 45 years of combined experience David, Neil, and Jayden know how to deliver quality content. We’ve invested in the latest production and postproduction equipment that allows us to create digital cinema and media of the highest quality. Whether creating original content or servicing productions Outpost 31 is Canada’s premier production company North of 60.

Service Focus:
Digital Media| AR/VR| Other

uTitan turns needs into useful, usable and unique solutions and helps companies profit from the enormous potential of Internet technologies to increase efficiency, lower costs, and build valuable relationships.

We combine our technical skills, business knowledge, and broad industry experience to develop a range of solutions that we tailor to meet the needs of each of our clients.

Service Focus:
Business Intelligence & Analytics| Database Development/Administration| Digital Media| IT Consulting| Managed IT Services and Support| Mobile App Development| Online Advertising/ Marketing| Project Management| Software Development| Tech Startup| Web Applications| Web Development| Other

We provide sound IT business solutions to Northern Businesses and Companies.

Service Focus:
Business Analysis| Data Analysis| Database Development/Administration| Digital Media| Hardware & Software Solutions| IT Sales| IT Consulting| Managed IT Services and Support| Project Management| Software Development| Telecommunications & Infrastructure| Web Applications

We're a team of experienced, approachable and results-driven designers, developers, content strategists and marketing specialists that apply cutting-edge methodologies to build engaging, usable, high-quality products.


Service Focus:
Web Development| Software Development| Online Advertising/ Marketing| Mobile App Development

From inception in 1972, we have played an integral role in the supply and support of communications systems in western and northern Canada.

Today, that means engineering, deploying, maintaining and monitoring some of the north’s premier telecommunications equipment for a variety of client types: First Nation, territorial and municipal governments, public utilities, mining and exploration, and small businesses. Total North has integrated technical solutions with a focus on providing an elevated standard of service.

Service Focus:
Managed IT Services and Support| IT Consulting| IT Sales| Technical Products| Telecommunications & Infrastructure| Engineering Services| Networking Solutions

Kryotek is a technology development firm with over a decade of experience innovating in the North.

From our base in Yukon, we've created and operated low impact, effective equipment and systems—including the Talon drill and the FrostLink sensor—for use in northern conditions.

Our technical ingenuity earned us the 2018 North Regional Innovation Award from Startup Canada, as well as a 2018 Arctic Innovation Award and Arctic Kicker Prize from the University of Alaska Fairbanks.

Our work has carried us throughout Canada’s North, Alaska and Siberia—where we’ve consulted or managed projects ranging from mining exploration to geotechnical engineering and environmental remediation.

Service Focus:
Hardware & Software Solutions| Mobile App Development| Project Management| Software Development| Technical Products| Other

Vector Research is an independent economic research consultancy established in Whitehorse in 1999 that specializes in the synthesis of quantitative and qualitative data.

We use visualization software such as Tableau to conduct custom analytics to bring meaning and insights to large (and small) data sets. Data wrangling also on the menu.

Service Focus:
Business Intelligence & Analytics| Data Analysis

As multi-time technology entrepreneurs ourselves, we know building a business is not easy.

Whether you are expanding an existing business in a technology-heavy product direction or you are founding a new internet-driven startup, we know you have two critical challenges: How do I build my product quickly? & How do I get investment when I need it?

We build deep, high-value-add relationships by rolling up our sleeves and working with you now on what matters most…building your product to satisfy your customers. Investment in your business is a natural outcome of the deep relationship that we build together.


Service Focus:

Kellett Communications is a northern-owned team of creative explorers – a marketing communications company focused on building results for our clients.  For more than 20 years we have worked with some of the biggest brands in the North, and on some of the most c

hallenging assignments out there.

Our success and longevity have been built on our belief in creative and strategic excellence, top-drawer customer service, and working hard to get our clients the kind of results they need to be successful.

Service Focus:
Digital Media| Database Development/Administration| Mobile App Development| Online Advertising/ Marketing| Project Management| Web Applications| Web Development

TimmiT provides editing and writing services for procurement documents such as your request for proposals (RFP) or proposal. TimmiT can help design your RFP evaluation process or act as fairness monitor.

TimmiT's expertise includes editing technical and business papers for those writing in English as a second language.

Service Focus:

Cygnus Tech focuses on solving one off problems when a solution doesn’t exist, including integrating off the shelf software with custom coding or manufacturing. We are a small business that is motivated by the challenge of finding new tech solutions.



Service Focus:
Hardware & Software Solutions| Technical Products| Systems Integration