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Air North, Yukon’s Airline was founded in 1977 by Joe Sparling and Tom Wood as a charter and training service for the north, offering charters to the mining industry along with flight training services. Ever since, Air North has been a pioneer of technology in the aviation sector in Yukon. Building network applications from the ground up to support numerous internal applications, modernizing this network to include virtualization and fiber lines between Whitehorse check-in and on-premise servers, procuring and managing a comprehensive reservation system internally are a few of several technological initiatives pursued over time to make affordable travel possible to Yukoners and Yukon accessible to visitors alike. With Vuntut Gwitchin First Nation’s 49% ownership of the company, Air North is a proud fully Yukon owned business that has recently won accolades as the Best Specialty and Leisure 2019, North America by TripAdvisor.

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