We are a forward-thinking association of technology-driven Yukon companies


What is TechYukon?

We are an organization of technology-driven companies, with a mission to grow the technology industry in Yukon.


We Support the Tech Industry through:

Advocacy and Information:

We represent and advocate for member companies to governments, agencies, and the wider community to ensure policies, processes, procurement, and spending best support the development and growth of the Yukon tech sector. Further to our advocacy efforts, we host regular, members-only discussions with all levels of government, academic institustions and other industries on the topics of research, education, innovation, and investment.


We connect our member companies to the resources, information, programming, support, markets, and funding they need to grow their business. We connect businesses in the industry to one another through networking events to build a vibrant and connected tech industry.

Promtion & Awareness:

We champion our member companies and the contribution of the tech sector to the Yukon economy and community. We create awareness of the companies and services in the sector, as well as the tech careers available in the territory and the benefits of working in tech in the Yukon.

Developing & Growing the Tech Sector:

We help the growth of the sector by helping companies fill jobs, attracting talent to the territory, introducing new trends, developing new skills and business acumen trhough workshops and conferences and connecting companies to the support they need to thrive.