Protect your Intellectual Property

Tech Yukon is partnering up with New Ventures BC to help businesses in Yukon better understand and protect their ideas and intellectual assets.

AccelerateIP provides enhanced access to education, skills development, and financial support for protecting, managing and leveraging your ideas and intellectual assets.


  • A startup based in Yukon
  • Fewer than 500 full-time employees
  • Have an innovative technology and/or operate in the tech sector
  • Own or have the rights to use your IP in Canada
  • Registered non-profit organizations that meet the above may also apply 


AccelerateIP will be offered through three streams of programming:

Stream 1:

Education & Awareness

For startups just starting out in their IP journey or who want to go deeper on refining their knowledge and strategy:

  • Webinars and in-person seminars
  • Online modules
  • In-depth IP Certification Program

Stream 2:



1:1, dedicated mentorship on your IP strategy, through a business lens and perspective.

Costs for legal support

Apply to have up to $25,000 of costs of working with a legal service provider covered.

Stream 3:


Cost for legal support

Have a strong IP strategy in place? Ready to apply for a patent or trademark? This is the right stream for you. You can apply to have up to $60,000 of costs of working with a legal service provider covered.

How can Tech Yukon help you access AccelerateIP?

As part of AccelerateIP’s program delivery network,Tech Yukon is here to help you in the following ways:

  • Applications: We can help you complete your application form.
  • Referrals: After reviewing your situation, we can refer you to a specific program stream.
  • Mentorship: Our EIRs and staff can assist as designated program mentors.
  • Consultations: We’re here to help any other questions you may have as you navigate the program application process


[email protected] for any questions.

AccelerateIP is an ElevateIP Recipient, a national program of Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

IP Office Hours

Not even sure if patenting is the right option for you? Interested in learning more about the patenting process of other means to protect your ideas before committing to a program like this?

Book a free 30-minute 1-on-1 confidential call with our IP Advisor to discuss:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes. We are bound by legal agreement under the ElevateIP Program by the Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada to keep all shared information confidential and private and to not compete.

Public disclosure generally refers to making your invention or idea available to the public in a way that is not confidential.

Because we have confidentiality agreements in place, it does not constitute as public disclosure.

Disclosure also depends on what information and how much of it is shared:

Disclosure = Information that enables someone skilled in the relevant field to understand the nature or essence of the invention.

If you’re merely sharing the WHAT of your idea without going into the nitty gritty details of HOW it’s done, it usually isn’t sufficient enough to constitute as disclosure. We aren’t technical advisors so you shouldn’t need to share details of your HOW with us.