Daresay Inc.

1. Legal training/information/mapping.2. Web apps to support access to justice and non-profit management.


We are a Yukon Canadian Indigenous-owned company that leverages the power of AI and ML to address our clients’ unique business and operational challenges.

PR Services

PR Services Ltd. creates and distributes engaging travel guides. At the heart of its mission, the company excels in bringing destinations to life, not just on the page, but across […]


Kryotek is a technology development firm with over a decade of experience innovating in the North. From our base in Yukon, we’ve created and operated low impact, effective equipment and […]


uTitan turns needs into useful, usable and unique solutions and helps companies profit from the enormous potential of Internet technologies to increase efficiency, lower costs, and build valuable relationships. We […]


TimmiT provides editing and writing services for procurement documents such as your request for proposals (RFP) or proposal. TimmiT can help design your RFP evaluation process or act as fairness […]