19 Ralph St, Moncton, NB E1C 2V8, Canada
Service focus:

At Aynils, we help small businesses and organizations leverage technology to achieve their goals. We believe in delivering products that are built for the people using them, instead of asking people to change for the products. We founded Aynils in an aim to translate business needs into technical solutions for organizations that do not always have the time or specific skills to do these processes internally.

Our services include:

Database Management: We define and optimize the storage for your critical information (customer contacts, employees, time tracking, expenses, etc.), e.g., data access definition or local versus cloud data storage implementation.

Chatbots: We automate the dialogue for repetitive questions, giving instant responses to your customers while allowing your teams to focus on more complex requests, e.g., questions about your business hours or your service offerings.

Data Synchronization: We optimize or create flows between your different data sources (Google Drive, Spreadsheets, CRM, Mailchimp, Slack, etc.) to remove the hassle of keeping all these sources up to date, e.g., contact synchronization between an Excel spreadsheet and your Mailchimp distribution list.

Business Analysis and Consultancy: We analyze your operational needs and elicit the precise requirements for new IT services. We conduct a research of the market and help you choose the best provider, e.g., requirement definition and provider selection to build a new website or functionality analysis and selection of bookkeeping software.

Project Management: We coordinate with the stakeholders and provide regular reports to ensure that every step of the new service delivery is under control.

Web Applications: We develop customized web applications to address your precise business needs, e.g., volunteer management platform creation or custom time-tracking app development.