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Envisioning AI for Creativity and Human Connection

March 8, 2024 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

With Dr. Ginger Carlson: Co-founder, Möbius Dynamics & CEO, The Multarity Project

Can AI be used to foster human connection and ignite creativity?

These are common questions in the discussion around the evolution of AI. Join us as we welcome Ginger Carlson, speaker, leader, award-winning author, and co-founder & CEO of the Multarity Project.

Through her inspiring talk, participants will:

  • Broaden and shift their perspectives about the use of Artificial Intelligence
  • Be introduced to creative ways AI is currently being and can be used beyond typical conversation of productivity and content creation.
  •  Be Inspired to use and model the use of Artificial Intelligence ethically and in ways that deepen the human experience, toward connection and growth

About the Speaker: Dr. Ginger Carlson

Dr. Ginger Carlson is an international speaker, leader, and award-winning author. For
the last three decades, Dr. Carlson has worked with individuals and organizations
around the world, on five continents. Ginger has written and presented widely on the
topics of creativity, growth, communication, and transformation, and how to
uniquely and positively nurture each of them in our personal lives and organizations.

Dr. Carlson is the co-founder of Möbius Dynamics and CEO of The Multarity ProjectTM.
At her core, she is a thinker, an educator, a leader, and a learner, but most of all, a Life
Alchemist, someone who dares to awaken to life’s inevitable changes and challenges
in the world and takes deliberate action to transform their experience into a new
reality. Ginger’s work and writing has won numerous awards and she has been
recognized as an Inspirational Thought Leader.

Her TEDx talk “Artificial Intelligence Can Help Us Be More Human” offers an example of one way she is helping to reimagine the way we dialogue and bridge divisions in the world. She is thrilled to be able to contribute to Tech Yukon!