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Solving Real World Problems with AI – Expert Panel Discussion

September 29, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm

About this event

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be harnessed by organizations of all sizes to solve real world problems.

Join us for a panel discussion to hear how three organizations have used and implemented AI to better serve their customers, citizens, and community.

You will hear from

  • Alina Turner, Co-Founder/Co-President of HelpSeeker Technologies – using AI to help solve housing and end homelessness
  • Lourdes Juan, Founder of the Leftovers Foundation and Fresh Routes – using AI to help end food waste and food insecurity
  • Jake McGregor, COO of Minerva Intelligence – using AI to help mitigate climate risks


This event is free to attend and virtual


Meet the Panelists

Dr. Alina Turner

HelpSeeker Technologies

Dr. Alina Turner is the Co-President & Co-Founder of HelpSeeker, a social enterprise harnessing tech innovation for the greater social good.

Her background is as a social scientist with a specialization in systems planning and integration, and as a funder and social policy expert. She’s had the opportunity to work in systems change efforts on homelessness and affordable housing, domestic violence, poverty, mental health, and addictions throughout her career.

HelpSeeker develops and supports the implementation of digital solutions to support the transformation of Canada’s fragmented social safety net into one that is human-centred, transparent, accessible and evidence-led, thereby measurably and equitably improving wellbeing.

Lourdes Juan

Leftovers Foundation, Fresh Routes

Lourdes is an Urban Planner, entrepreneur, and community mobilizer. She has been recognized as Top 40 Under 40 in Avenue Magazine, received the Culbert Family Philanthropy Award from the United Way, one of CBC’s Top 10 Changemakers, and awarded the L’Oreal Paris’ Women of Worth Award, a Distinguished Graduate and Arch Alumni Award winner from the University of Calgary.

An instigator for positive change both on a community and provincial level, she finds herself to be continually creating not-for-profit and social enterprise organizations that promote her advocacy for those most vulnerable in the city and beyond. She is the Founder of the Leftovers Foundation, a tech-enabled organization that redirects thousands of pounds of excess food in Alberta and Manitoba to upcycling projects and service agencies in need. She is also the Founder of Fresh Routes, a social enterprise that increases fresh and healthy food access into marginalized and vulnerable communities.

Jake McGregor

Minerva Intelligence

Jake McGregor is the Chief Operating Officer of Minerva Intelligence, a Vancouver based artificial intelligence software development company. With a background in business and geographic sciences, Jake plays a significant role in the strategic decision making of the company as well as technical product development.

Minerva Intelligence develops artificial intelligence applications for mining and mineral exploration as well as climate risk mitigation. Minerva’s tools help mining and mineral exploration companies better understand and get more value out of the massive amounts of data that they collect. Minerva is also developing tools to help governments, municipalities and organizations of all sizes understand the physical risks that they face related to climate change and work with them to develop strategies to mitigate those risks.