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Using AI In Cybersecurity Lunch and Learn

January 12, 2022 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

About this event

AI is making cybersecurity more powerful. It enables the effective analysis of risk data, can speed up response times, and support under-resourced teams.


Join us for a Lunch and Learn with Martin Lehner, Cybersecurity expert at Tangerine Technology, to learn about why AI is changing the game for IT Teams.


He’ll cover:

  • The use of AI in computer network security
  • Machine 2 Machine attacks
  • The importance of security in AI


About the Facilitator

Martin Lehner, who is employed as Tangerine Technology’s cybersecurity expert, has been deeply involved in the cybersecurity industry, in the Yukon and abroad, for the past 15 years. He holds numerous industry designations, including:


➡C)ISSO – Certified Information Systems Security Officer

➡C)DRE – Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer

➡C)IHE – Certified Incident Handling Engineer

➡C)PTE – Certified Penetration Testing Engineer

➡C)HISSP – Certified Health Information Systems Security Practitioner


He has also successfully completed several cybersecurity education curriculums, and is a recent graduate of Harvard University’s Cybersecurity program.

Martin has been brought in to work with the Government of Yukon on various initiatives, including the security-based rollout of the Yukon Health Information Network.

Currently, he is responsible for cybersecurity activities for the Yukon’s most at-risk industries, including finance and health care, and he is among the only credentialed professionals offering his expertise in the local private sector.